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Happy Tuesday friends! I’ve had a great weekend visiting with my older sister in Prattville, AL. I had so much fun exploring downtown Prattville and taking so many creative photos. She lives about three hours away from where I live in Mississippi. My older sister is my photographer and my very best friend (besides my oldest sister.)  She’s the only one who will put up with all my sass. I can’t wait to share all the new pictures I got over the weekend with you!

You wouldn’t believe at how many people stared at my sister and I as we were taking these photos. It also didn’t help we went on a busy Saturday afternoon, that would be my mistake, oops. Oh well, I mean it’s all for the blog right? Now let’s talk about clothes!

This sweater is so soft and warm, I love it! I can’t stress how soft this sweater is. It has an oversized fit and especially in the sleeves.  I meant to buy a normal small, but I must have accidentally clicked the small petite instead. No big deal though, I still really love this fit. It’s more of a crop top fit, So I just decided to keep it and add a long sleeve shirt to add length to it. This sweater is currently sold out of the color I have, but they have two other color options I like just as well!  It’s more expensive than when I bought it, I bought it on sale for half off. Keep a close eye on this retailer they run sales during the weekend. Bonus tip; if you sign up for the reward programs they send $10-$20 off coupons to your email and most of the time it has no restriction on price limits!

This oversized purse I bought at Catos, which is funny cause I always forget about this store, but anytime I go in there I always find great deals. I bought this purse for only $6.99! It fits everything I need plus some more. It also makes for a perfect laptop bag, which is what I mostly use it for. I really didn’t think I would use such a big purse. I will say I was completely wrong, best $6.99 ever spent! I couldn’t find this exact one due to it being a last sale item. I linked a few different option here and here.

I bought this necklace at Charming Charlie’s about a year ago and I still like it as much as I did when I bought it. It’s great for layering! It’s also a rustic gold color that I really like. I couldn’t find this one anywhere online so I’ll link another option I really want in my jewelry collection.  This one is so cute and so affordable. It would be super easy to add another small necklaces with this one as well for layering.

I wear this long sleeve striped shirt no joke all the time. It’s so great to wear under a sweater or when warmer days come around to tie a plaid shirt around you and pair it with your favorite jeans and tennis shoes and your set! It’s currently on sale for only $8. I sized up to a medium for length. These jeans are on repeat ever since I bought them. I wear my normal size in them and they are my favorite pair I own.

I’ve had these cute ankle boots for about three years and I bought them on sale for only $12 at Kohl’s. I bought these shoes on sale during off season. I would had easily paid full price for them, but I didn’t stumbling upon them until after the winter season was over so the retailer put them on major sale. They had limited sizing in stores at the time so I snatched mine up quickly. Online there is a limited sizing as well, but they usually keep them in stock regularly. My ankle boots have a different style for some reason. They don’t have the buttons on them like the other ones I linked do. They are the same exact pair except for the buttons are missing on mine. For sizing reference these are TTS. Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots?

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post. I hope you stay tuned in on my blog every Tuesday & Thursday. As always I hope you have a fantastic week! If you have any inquires just email me at or if you have any comment or questions just comment down below or follow along with me on instagram @grace_and_style
(All comments and reviews are my personal reflection and preference. I am, however, affiliated with some brands name none of these products our sponsored. Although I simply reflect what I believe in 100%)


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