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Hello Friends! It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day! This week is already off to a great start! I am starting to workout and focus all of my attention to blogging and adding new post/stories to my Instagram. To show you what my week will look like posting to Instagram and my blog here’s a day by day schedule:

Sunday- I will try to be least active on this day, unless there is a really big sale I feel I need to share with you.  Please don’t let this stop you from contacting me, I love feedback!

Monday- I will do Men’s Wear Monday. Where can you find this at?  I will post all the sales to my story on Instagram. Also, I am going to create a page on my blog all about the products I share on my Instagram stories. This page will be updated weekly and this will be combined with others things I share throughout the week as well.  What to expect on Monday?  I will share specials sales, discounts, and sale codes for men’s wear throughout different retailers and products.

Tuesday- New blog post! This will be every Tuesday and Thursday at different times, but I will post a picture either to my Instagram story or instagram feed or both to let you know!

Wednesday- Women’s Wear Wednesday. I will do the same version of the Men’s Wear Monday, but instead for women’s appeal. Same idea, but instead just for Women! I will post this as well to my Instagram story every Wednesday. So be on the lookout!

Thursday- New blog post! Will post a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday (unless otherwise noted.)

Friday & Saturday will be sharing sales, try-on session or whatever I feel like sharing with you. Friday and Saturday will depend on how much in my life I have going on and what I would like to share.

I just wanted to share where I am on my blog and Instagram. This season in my life I am going to put all my heart and soul in this blog and to my Instagram. My heart feels so joyful to share with others on how to create cute looks on a budget. I would be so happy to have you all support me in this by comments/encouragement/honest feedback. My future isn’t certain on where I will end up. Although, I would be crazy blessed if you would follow along with me to see where I end up! Starting Grace and Styles was something the Lord just one day placed on my heart and in my mind. If anyone told me six months ago what I would be doing I would have laughed in their face. Right now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else though. I have always loved clothes and shopping on a budget. I  enjoyed fashion, although, here in the past five years I have really been focused on clothes and trying to figure out where I would end up on the fashion scale. So I decided to be kinda bold and do something new to me. Right now I am trying to create a community with men and women who enjoy fashion. This community would look something like this to me, men and women sharing affordable fashion, commenting on each other’s post to encourage fashion choices and to encourage one another just by being nice.

Here’s all the details to my outfit.

Similar long sleeve dress here. I would order your normal size. This is a great lightweight dress option and also would make a great transitional piece into spring. Best part about this dress is most sizes are only $16.99. ////////// My necklace isn’t linkable anymore, but I found a few other ones I personally would pair with this dress. I would suggest this one and this one. /////////// These shoes are a must! I bought my pair at a local boutique, but the ones I linked is almost exactly like the ones I have. The only difference is that the ones I linked do have a small gold bar at the  back of the heels.///////////

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post. I hope you stay tuned in on my blog every Tuesday & Thursday. As always I hope you have a fantastic week! If you have any inquires just email me at or if you have any comment or questions just comment down below or follow along with me on instagram @grace_and_style
(All comments and reviews are my personal reflection and preference. I am, however, affiliated with some brands name none of these products our sponsored. Although I simply reflect what I believe in 100%)



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