Three Ways To Wear a Basic Sleeve

Happy Tuesday loves! This week for me has been kinda frustrating. I have so much stuff to do and was excited to get caught up on all the things I needed to do this week. Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday morning not feeling so hot with sinuses. This week has already been off to a bad start. I am looking forward to Thursday because I am going to Prattville, Alabama to visit my older sister, Shauna, for the weekend. On the agenda for us is taking new blog photos, shopping, and fingers crossed , if the weather is nice, we’re going to the zoo! Even though I haven’t felt great I was still crazy enough to go to town Monday and shop the President’s Day sale. Anyone else shopped online or in the store? I found some really good deals and I bought some things online as well. What can I say I love to shop!

You probably already have noticed I’ve shared these photos once already, but I wanted to show you some fashion inspiration on how to create different looks with one long sleeve shirt. I am talking about this white striped long sleeve shirt. I love this look and it’s such an easy outfit to throw on to run errands in! This long sleeve is lightweight, soft, and easy to pair with anything! Tied around me I have a lightweight plaid shirt, I bought this a few years back so it’s not in stock anymore, but I will link one similar and from the same retailer down below. I have worn these jeans on repeat, they’re so comfortable and there mid-rise as well.

Striped long sleeve (size up for length)  //// plaid long sleeve (TTS)  //// jeans (TTS)  //// pink embellished shoes (limited sizing & order half size down)

Second outfit inspiration:  I decided to throw on a pop of color and a different pair of shoes on to dress it up a bit. Something about this vest just gets me. I love adding color for more personality to an outfit.

Long sleeve stripes shirt (order size up)  //// similar vest (TTS)  //// mid-rise jean (TTS)  //// tan boots (TTS) //// Similar purse option ////

This third outfit choice is my favorite. It’s slouchy and stylish all together. This sweater I actually didn’t mean to order in a petit size. I kept it and just added this long sleeve shirt to add length. Without the long sleeve shirt it’s too short for me, but I love this sweater and the long sleeve combo! The only down fall to this sweater is that it does shed occasionally. This sweater is so worth dealing with it shedding occasionally because it is so SOFT. Like it’s probably one of the softest sweater I own. I love the softness and the color as well. This color is sold out, but there is other color options just as pretty.

sweater //// long sleeve shirt //// mid-rise jeans ////  tan boots  //// similar purse ////

Thanks so much for reading! I promise I am going to post new photos soon on my blog and instagram. I am still super new to this and still working out all the kinks. Now I promise you, I will be human and forget the days I am supposed to write a blog post  (like I did today and now currently writing this at midnight the day before I’m supposed to post this. oops)  I promise I will probably forget to share sales or new blogs posts with you. But if you follow along with me, you will see all  the reality good and bad of what it’s like starting out as a new fashion blogger. I promise I will do my best, even though I will fail (ALOT.)  I’ll do my best to show everyone who comes in contact with me with love and respect as much as humanly possible. I promise I am going to be human and I will fail, but in saying that, I will  try my hardest in showing you ideas on how to create affordable fashion, how to show personality through your clothes and how to make shopping easier for you. Much love – Leah


Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post. I hope you stay tuned in on my blog every Tuesday & Thursday. As always I hope you have a fantastic week! If you have any inquires just email me at or if you have any comment or questions just comment down below or follow along with me on instagram @grace_and_style
(All comments and reviews are my personal reflection and preference. I am, however, affiliated with some brands name none of these products our sponsored. Although I simply reflect what I believe in 100%)

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