About Me

Hi y’all! My name is Leah Medlin, I live in the good state of Mississippi. I am 18 years old and pursuing my life goal of becoming a fashion influencer. I’m currently taking a year off college to pursue my dreams in this. Anyway, more about me; if i’m not shopping (which is like 99% of the time) I like to spend my time traveling, taking photos,  cooking,  playing with my 5 year old nephew, Hendrix, (#2 baby is on the way, yay!) and playing with my 5 year old dog, Ashes.

I started this blog because I am very passionate about fashion, I wanted to start a blog to show people how to create easy and affordable outfits that goes with everyday life. I would love to team up with some big name brand, but currently everything I pick out is coming out of my own pocket. So everything I post about will be guaranteed budget friendly. I wanted to create a blog unique to what I do best, shop adorable looks on a budget!

For inquires or collaboration please contact me at leahgrace@graceandstyles.com